It is effortless for me to use colors to express feelings. My painting journey started decades ago, during health challenges. It is when we find an outlet to express pain our souls heal. We pause to grow, pushing the pain aside. I am a true believer of art therapy. We are all artists in our own different ways that are not thought of--just look around and see.   Nancy Alhabashi.



 ·  Assigned Judge for North Gwinnett High School Community at Sugar Hill City Hall March 2018

·  Les Miserables Solo Exhibit Aurora Theater 2016

·        Ranked Honorable Mention Recognition at London Book Festival 2014 for her book "soul whispers"

·        Solo Exhibit Gwinnett performance Art Center April 2013

·        Group Exhibit Bill Lowe Gallery November 2013

·        Received Honorable Mention Award from Susan Kathleen Black Foundation. Blossom 2 International competition 2011

·        Nominee for GA author of the year 2011 "Georgia Writers Association" for her book "Soul whispers."

·        Solo Exhibit France Hebron Association Hebron West Bank July 2011

·        Solo Exhibit Gwinnet County Public Library April 2011

·        Solo Exhibit "The LONA Gallery" Historic Lawrenceville, December 2010

·        Solo Exhibit UGA Gwinnett Campus October 2009

·        Solo Exhibit “Dream Exhibit” Aurora Theatre December 2009